Gospel at Home


"When the Gospel penetrates the home,

the heart opens up more easily the door to the Divine Master."



The Gospel at home is of vital importance for the spiritual balance of the family and the harmony of the domestic atmosphere.

In this meeting, in addition to the study and vibrations carried out together, there is also the opportunity for the Spiritual friends to provide spiritual assistance to the home, and in particular, to each one of its members.


Get together with your family, friends or anyone who might want to work on their spiritual growth. Somewhere in the house where you can form a circle for easy communication, create a space where people can be comfortable and let their minds roam knowing their souls are safe.


After that, read a passage from The Gospel according to Spiritism, or the New Testament, which is its source.


Discuss the passage; explore the different points of view and try to understand the teachings by applying it specifically to your own lives.


By looking at Jesus teachings on a regular basis, you will come to see Him as an Unconditional Friend who can walk beside you every day, if you choose so.


The Gospel at Home is a venue for spiritual growth, that helps us to be tolerant, respectful, compassionate towards ourselves and others, at the same time, that it expands our spirituality.




  • Designate a place, time and day of the week to have the Study of the Gospel at Home.
  • Be consistent with the scheduled time. The continuity of the study is highly important.
  • Keep interruptions to a minimum.
  • One person will be the facilitator, respecting everyone’s ideas without judging or critizing.
  • Invite all members of the family to participate.
  • Study corresponding lesson by doing all the reading out loud.
  • Disconnect the telephone or any other device that may be distracting to the Study and attention for the duration of the meeting.
  • Hold a two to three minute silence period for everyone to relax prior to commencing the opening prayer.
  • Play soft, inspirational music in the background.
  • Make a heartfelt prayer to open and close each ‘GOSPEL AT HOME.’
  • The recommended time for such meetings is around 20/30 minutes.


Reference: The Spiritist Psychological Society.



Blossom your life with the Gospel at Home!

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